Cole’s Prayer

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.16.28 PM

“May every move we make and every breath we take enrich all divine perception, creation, and love.

May every body, mind, and soul, be enriched immensely.

May every being experience feelings of safety, faith, grace, ease, bliss, joy, and wonder.

May there be sovereign communities with infinite diversity that co-create harmoniously.

May all beings feel the enrichment of focus, clarity, concentration, and meditation.

May there be compassionate communication of positive, present, personal, and precise language.

May all beings experience the enrichment of praise, gratitude, the arms of love, self-reliance, poise, learning from failure, graciousness of time, generosity, and reverence.

May all beings feel the wonder of infinite magic including their wildest dreams filled with humor, joy, and enthusiasm.

May we move deeper and deeper into the Golden Age of Miracles.

For the benefit of all.”

-Cole Kastner

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