May the warmth bathe your spirit

Spill yourself before me,

let me see it alll.

Let the darkest secrets shine in the sunlight.

Expose the insecurities, the splinters begging to be removed.

Exhale the grief and disappointments,

the shackles others had forced upon you.

Sing a hearty speech of your truest dreams,

exclaim your vision through your smile.

Inhale the scent of co-creation,

the aroma of a homemade soup shared with a loved one.

Let the sunlight remind your entire spirit that it is never alone.

May the warmth bathe your spirit in protection for eternity.

Spill yourself with me,

let us be it all.

New Moon Prayer

Let go of your inhibitions completely,

brush them off like dry sand.

Let the fears fall away like a tired dress you no longer want to wear.

Slip into a warm bath of grace and courage, embracing the steam of the present moment.

Smile with your whole heart.

Breathe into the awareness of what you have all around you.

Listen to the birds call in your inner prayers.

Feel the entire sun asking you to grow into your full potential.

Ask the new moon to bring forth every dream.

You are what you think.

You are what you seek.

You already are everything you have ever hoped for.

Simply step into your brightest version of your self and let that shine burn your every fear into ash.

Papaya blossoms

It is in our nature to be in harmony with nature, not against her.

We must not contribute to her sadness and disease.

For it is in our nature to nurture.

It is in our nature to help others,

to learn, to teach

to listen, to speak.

It is in my nature to look within and write it all out.

It is in our nature to give and give,

until we can no longer.

Ignite the flame of insight within so you may see what you must give to others,

what you must do to help others,

what you can learn,

what you can teach,

that which you must listen to,

that which you must speak about.

What is in my nature that I can share?

Which seeds must I plant so they may blossom for the benefit of all?

Plant seeds which help others for generations to come.

Seeds that grow into flowers which embody the beauty of integrity and inner harmony.

May these flowers grow into fruits which are impregnated with the seeds of hope.

Which powers within me emanate the fragrance of honeysuckle and papaya blossoms?

Singing Skies

Slowly the skies sing to me,

asking me to appreciate the beauty they bring.

The Portland skies are teaching me to understand their own tune.

Hawaii skies, turbulent and fierce, sang with the intensity of burning blue, tropical downpours, and instant thick rainbows flashing all in one afternoon.

Miami skies sang golden early mornings and crescendoed into heavy thunderstorms that shook the windows every summer.

But Portland weeps her melodies with whispers of rain.

Some days, she belts out an intense blue sky, without a single cloud, bringing every creature outside to see.

Other days she lets the clouds linger a drawn out note that fades into stars.

Her sunsets are often neck-breaking. A thick messy jazz of purple, fuchsia, and gold sung above trees and ancient snowy mountains.

Teach me the patience in listening to nature’s orchestra so I may find the same patience within myself to hear my own jazz.



The magic lies in your authenticity.

It brings the shine in your voice as you express your authentic, true nature.

Follow it. Trust it.

Fall into it.

Let this voice carry into your every thought and into your every action.

Drink it slowly like hot tea.

Sipping, embracing, allowing it to nourish your thirst.

What is it that you need?

What do you crave?

Sink into each craving like an anchor tossed aside to find the quiet depths of your true nature. Find the source of each craving and nourish yourself with the love and patience we all deserve.

The best part is that the universe will hear you. She will provide the wealth you crave, infinitely.



In Sufism, we are taught to remember three things that we love but will never be ours: Our Egos, our Bodies, and our Belongings.

We put so much energy into these things but time is passing and we forget what we actually have, and how rich we truly are.

The more we acquire, the emptier we become.

We are only distracting ourselves from our own inner harmony.

Strive to create, to find what nourishes you, and to persevere into bringing forth your gifts.

Grow into the human you have always wanted to be.

Spread your limbs of authentic expression out into the light. Flowers will blossom, emanating the fragrance of your genuine truths, and the fruits of your integrity will eventually drop down to nourish others, so they may plant their own seeds of hope and inspiration.



We always have a choice.

At every present moment we can decide how we want to perceive the situation. Then we begin to remember that we can create our own vibrations we want to contribute to the situation at every moment.

When we remember that we are simply bodies of energy, (vibrations of life), then we remember that our emotions (the vibrations we are presently experiencing), are our decision to feel.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but on its most subtle level, as a vibration, it can be altered. So, as living, walking bodies of energy, it is up to us of which vibrations we want to embody and contribute to our environment for all of the bodies of life around us to experience.

If you want peace, then choose for your own energy to be peaceful.

Your perceived universe will only become vibrations of peace if you, the body at the center of your universe, chooses to become a body of peace.

If it is irritation or sorrow your body feels, acknowledge it. There is a reason why it was brought into your energy field. Acknowledge it and ride it like a wave. You can choose how you want to respond to it. It is a living, tangible vibration that wants to be heard and felt. So give it the recognition it is asking for.

But with careful patience and compassion, find the source of this energy. Once the source comes to the awareness, the symptoms will subside. The energy will fade, and turn back into the peaceful state you naturally are.

Let the waves of energy flow into your vibrational sphere, sadness, fear, anger, anxiety.. Let them flow around you and be consciously aware of each one. Find its source, and then let it fade as naturally as it arose.

Deep down below the commotion of the waves, the quiet waters of content reside. Remember this is your truest nature, the vibrational awareness of the ocean’s still depths. The vibrations above are but temporary, influenced simply from day to day interactions. It is the immortal depths of below that you will find your inner stillness.