Papaya blossoms

It is in our nature to be in harmony with nature, not against her.

We must not contribute to her sadness and disease.

For it is in our nature to nurture.

It is in our nature to help others,

to learn, to teach

to listen, to speak.

It is in my nature to look within and write it all out.

It is in our nature to give and give,

until we can no longer.

Ignite the flame of insight within so you may see what you must give to others,

what you must do to help others,

what you can learn,

what you can teach,

that which you must listen to,

that which you must speak about.

What is in my nature that I can share?

Which seeds must I plant so they may blossom for the benefit of all?

Plant seeds which help others for generations to come.

Seeds that grow into flowers which embody the beauty of integrity and inner harmony.

May these flowers grow into fruits which are impregnated with the seeds of hope.

Which powers within me emanate the fragrance of honeysuckle and papaya blossoms?

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