Sinking into the awareness


Walk fearlessly down your dimly-lit path.

Respond carefully and watch the environmental forces vibrate around you.

Every second passing is a new gift of a vibration from Gaia, responding to every preceding influence.

Your very thoughts hold an extremely powerful set of vibrations, as they light the way for words to become speech, speech into beliefs, beliefs into mindsets, and mindset into fixed habits with consequences.

So sink back into the full awareness of your thoughts by lowering their volume to a simmering bubble. Ask the thoughts to whisper low enough for the vibrations of your breath to be heard.

Hear the joy of gratitude reverberate as you breathe in a smile.

Smile for your family.

Smile for hot tea.

Smile for clean laundry.

Smile for pink sunrises, purple sunsets, and sunny days of blue.

Let that smile guide you towards your next breath, your next footstep, your every leap into trust’s grace.

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