Genuine vibrations

15251751_568476603347078_377253451786092544_nYou are Protected.

You are Here.

You are Loved.

You are Strong and Capable.

Never let anyone make you feel anything less.

These are truths of your existence.

Stand within their genuine vibrations, walk with the armor of truth and let all falsehood be too much of a nuisance to carry.

Stand on your feet with your chin up, proudly walking with your own self-knowledge.

No one to impress, no one to compete with.

Enjoy your clear vision and see your own true journey.

Nothing is greater than self-realization.

Sink into the depths of your own being, indulge into every craving, paying close attention to how it makes you feel.

You are exactly the type of flower Gaia dreamt of, emanating your own unique patterns and fragrance.

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