Simply being


May all beings enjoy the taste of accomplishment in their lives.

May all beings bask in the glow of sensual love, embracing their partners not out of pride or greed, but from sheer joy of being alive together.

May all beings enjoy the smell of waking up in their best dream, waking up to a brand new day of paradise and sheer excitement of what this new day will bring, alive in another day of this living dream.

May all beings hear their heart song as they exclaim their truths through their actions.

May all beings caress their own bodies with the loving tenderness they wish to receive.

May all beings feel the fantastic feeling of simply being. Nothing to fight for, nothing to prove, just being.

May all beings feel the comfort of Gaia’s embrace. Her all-encompassing request for everything alive to grow into its truest essence. The flowers bloom to the color of petals Gaia asks for, and they emanate the perfume Gaia dreams about.

No more, no less.

She asks for sunflowers to sing their truest essence while lotuses, cherry blossoms, and gardenias sing their own songs.

Each with their own vibrations, each with their own jazz.

No more, no less.

Orchids, dandelions, papaya blossoms, daises, and tulips, each destined to be a living song of Gaia’s symphony. All predestined of her strength and character.

As the flower grows from seed or bulb into her fullest potential, she must not fret about whether she looks okay, or smells different from the rest of the garden.

Her job is to grow two ways; one is towards the light, towards the sunshine, towards the emanating pull that gives strength, hope, nourishment, and love. The other direction of growth is deep within the soil, spreading roots throughout the thick dirt, weaving around obstacles with perseverance, searching for sources of nourishment, paving the way for herself, blindly stretching past comfort zones to continue growing strong and full.

The flowers and trees learned these principles of perseverance, strength, and growth, from the whispers of the sun and water.

We only need to follow nature’s example; find your light, find the illuminating brightness that asks for you to stretch and grow into your fullest strength. Find your water that nourishes you, that asks for you to overcome every obstacle to reach your source of inspiration.

Grow stronger in your authentic expression so you can emanate your own fragrance of joy, your own symmetry of confidence, and your own unique hues of brilliance.

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